Each bag control, must get 6 Yves Saint Laurent classic bags!

Hello, ifree fashion babies! Today we’re going to talk about Yves Saint Laurent-ysl has been a regular guest of the socialites at many American variety shows lately.

 Yves Saint Laurent name when it comes to fashion moguls! The French design mogul, not only created a bunch of super-classic clothing, but also in the handbag industry to play out their own style.

Back when the Yves Saint Laurent was an 18-year-old boy, Christian Dior him as a designer for Dior. On the Dior stage, Yves Saint Laurent quickly rose to prominence as Mr. Duhot’s right-hand man. In those years, he designed clothes that were like the fashion industry’s biggest hit. Every season, the fashionistas were crazy about it. Everyone wondered where his inspiration came from and what his design concept was.

Yves Saint Laurent in Duhot’s life, a lot of success for the fashion industry contributed to the classic works! However, life is like a roller coaster, full of accidents. Yves Saint Laurent was 21 years old when he was thrust into the role of Dior’s chief designer.

Once the news came out, the entire fashion circle exploded, after all, so young when the big boss successor, the pressure is not the general big ah! However, Yves Saint Laurent is no joke. He didn’t break down under the pressure, but he became more and more powerful. He used his talent and creativity to fight his way through the fashion industry, causing everyone to give him a thumbs up!

But instead of talking about Lauret at Dior, let’s talk about the Yves Saint Laurent classics that must be got for every package!

Super Classic YSL Mombasa Bag, on the market will explode street!

First off, the classic Mombasa bag is a Tom Ford Yves Saint Laurent Masterpiece! When it launched in 2001, Mombasa became so popular with its languid, trumpet-shaped handle that anyone who saw it had to say”Wow!”! Once launched, it became a hot item, sold out in seconds, but also made everyone wait in line for goods for several months. At that time, Mombasa, covered with sequins, and exotic style of shiny metal blessing, is simply a walking fashion standards! According to a 2002 article in the New York Times, Mombasa also helped YSL sell $90 million worth of accessories, which is hot!

YSL muse bag at the height of the It-Bag era
Yves Saint Laurent’s muse bag. Ever heard of it? It was a big hit back in 2005, when YSL creative director Stefano Pilati created this bag at the height of the It-Bag era. Everyone said this is their first true sense of the IT package, launched on the fire is not good, simply let a person crazy. This muse bag, which is shaped like a bowling bag with a dome, has a special personality. The y-shaped panel design was simply low-key and luxurious. At a glance, one could tell that it was Yves Saint Laurent’s masterpiece. Yves Saint Laurent has had many famous Muse goddesses for a long time, so this bag was named Muse, which is also destined to be successful. At the time, the bag was worn by celebrities like Kate Mosse, Jennifer Lopez, Nikki Hylton, Lindsay Lohan, and so on. Now, come to think of it, it is still full of memories!
New Age horn, YSL organ bag (Sac de Jour) !
The story begins in 2012. By the time Stefano Pilati left the Yves Saint Laurent, the French design scene was in for a rude awakening. Then the Hedi Slimane took over, feeling he had transformed the brand overnight. He immediately deleted the word”Yves” from Yves Saint Laurent, which is the Horn of a new era! Slimane is an expert in design and creativity. However, he was mainly in men’s clothing before, and he hadn’t really touched the handbag area. Although his original”Classic Duffle” bag for Hermès was a hit, to be honest, it didn’t make much of an impression. However, in 2013 he launched the“Sac de Jour”, wow, this bag suddenly became popular! The street hipsters, the Fashion Editors, and those of us who love backpacks, love them. The boxy, platinum-like Sac de Jour is still hot after 10 years.
YSL, Kate Bag, Night Out Sharp!
Yves Saint Laurent’s Kate Purse. That’s not a random name! It is named after one of the most iconic muses in the fashion industry, and is, to put it bluntly, a representative of the modern Saint Laurent Aesthetic! Yeah, you heard me. I’m talking about the Kate Moss! This Kate Bag, ah, was quite eye-catching when it was launched in 2010. That Classic and modern outline, is simply a night out of the sharp weapon! Although, you say this Kate Bag What is special, I also can’t say. But I’m on Fire! With or without the distinctive gold tassel, the most important thing is that it uses the YSL Cassandre logo. The logo was created in 1961 by a graphic designer, Adolf Jean-mary Moryń, who went by the alias Cassandra. Later Slimane put this logo to live again, in the Saint Laurent design can often be seen. He, ah, has also used this logo on many other designs, many of which are still in use, even though Slimane has long left.
Big-time Saint Laurent Loulou Bag!
In the 50-year history of Yves Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane was the man who built the brand we know today. After Slimane left, many of the bags he designed became symbols of the times. Among them, Yves Saint Laurent Loulou is a very representative bag! It carries the legendary YSL Cassandre logo, which is not easy to see. This bag was an early design by Anthony Vacarello and was launched in 2017. And the name Loulou has a story. It’s named after Loulou de la Falaise, the Yves Saint Laurent’s Muse and best friend! Speaking of this bag, it comes in four sizes: toy, small, medium and large. The herringbone pattern on the bag is especially eye-catching, and the sash that can be changed freely is simply not too practical! Loulou bags are always hot. They’re hot every season!
The 2022 Icare Maxi shopping bag of Yves Saint Laurent!
 I tried it many times before but it didn’t work, but this time the big bag craze finally turned red. Antony Vaccarello and Yves Saint Laurent’s team were right on target and decided it was time to roll out the oversized Icare Maxi shopping bag, which will be a hit when it hits stores in the spring of 2022. The bag was extremely soft and huge. It was made of super-soft quilted lambskin, which was the epitome of laziness. Remember that Cassandre logo we were talking about? This bag has a super-sized version, made as fine as jewelry, all hand-made OH. Whether you love it or hate it, the bag is on fire. Its popularity is reminiscent of earlier high-end handbags such as Mombasa and Muse. This Icare Maxi shopping bag is sure to be one of Vaccarello’s masterpieces at Yves Saint Laurent!

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