Goddess Muse

Anyone familiar with YSL knows that many of its handbags are named after women, and most are brand-inspired, and Loulou is no exception.

Le Smoking, as it is known, was one of the most iconic designs by the fashion guru Yves Saint Laurent, in an age when feminism was not yet enlightened, ySL’s classic“Smoking suit” caters to a growing number of women who want unisex.

This is one of the brand’s most famous blockbusters, and the woman in the street corner with the cigarette and smoking outfit is the muse behind the Loulou Bag: Loulou de Falaise. The Timeless Classic Smoker was also designed by Yves Saint Laurent, who admired Loulou’s free, wild yet elegant personality, loulou has inspired Yves Saint Laurent’s haute couture and ready-to-wear collections for nearly 30 years.

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