10 keys to entering the Gucci world

Each season Gucci continues to give the surprise and innovation, a large-scale occupation of the fashion must-have wish list. Must-haves are hot, classic, and timeless.

We Select 10 key items for you to create your Gucci fashion soul.


From the beginning

In a full Gucci Look, a proper hat and headdress look is essential. From the glory of the Ancient Greek crown and self-confidence of the headband, to hide the identity of the gorgeous mask, to maintain the mystery of the Hood, sweeping fashion wide-brimmed wheel hat, the palace darling of the three-cornered hat, providing warm wool ear hat, … And the most famous baseball cap… … as well as the many classic headdresses, the endless variations in the styling… . A accompany you spring, summer, autumn and winter hat, the Sun can wear, afraid of the wind can wear, do not wash hair can wear, can wear mysterious …… Fashion remakes itself, embracing your love of Gucci.

Signature sign language

The rock-and-roll aesthetic that continues the clothing individuality, Panker’s retro, literary and romantic ring style, combines the details of various materials to create, the jewelry has transformed into the installation art. A qualified Gucci fan will wear a variety of style elements on the hand, full of personality ring sign language, in line with the Gucci style image. From finger rings, bracelets to the fit of a bracelet, identify whether your love of fashion is in your bones. Every ring is a heart-to-heart touch of love.

Double G characterization

Deep historical significance and logo of Double G logo, is a unique identity of Gucci password, witness the changes in the classic definition of invincibility. It is not only used in GG Marmont handbags, belts, but also in the eyes of the appearance of glasses and jewelry accessories, double G pattern as a contemporary statement of fashion, transformed into a personality label. With double-g logo verification, meet and greet particularly cordial, Quick Identification Gucci party clearance password is this!

Fashion a pedal

A pair of casual loafers, inspired by Gucci’s early classic button-down loafers, were transformed into flat-soled sports and sandals, which quickly became popular in the fashion industry, both men and women fall in love with this kind of casual and convenient shoes. Mao Mao slippers are very soft and cute, stitching printing style has a retro flavor, with the uppers of the classic metal buckle simple atmosphere, foot pedal, fashion minutes lie prone to walk.

Drama small white shoes

Speaking of sneakers, how can you say you’re fashionable without a pair of white shoes? Any clothing and small white shoes can be collocation, become fashionable and popular by the crowd. With embroidery, leather, webbing and collage elements, Gucci is constantly changing little white shoes into new ones. Its ever-changing stylish personality combines comfort, lightness and street style, which makes you want to fill up the shoes, you can never have too many. Wearing the king of the small white shoes, casual collocation is easy to twist fashion sense.

Feelings of literature and art

Now look at the classic bag bag bag, Dionysus bag occupies an important place. Since its debut in 2015, Dionysus has become a household name in the fashion Ancient Greek mythology. Creative director Michele has turned the mythical tiger that guards Dionysus into a clasp, bring the blessing of protection and love for each bag owner, opened a brand-new page of Gucci, revealed the era of Dionysus bag. Embroidery elements such as flowers, plants or insects make the classic elements full of artistic style. A blossoming Dionysus bag, more intoxicating than wine.

Two-faced femininity

By accepting her soft and strong female dualism and completing a journey of inner growth, the spirit of contemporary women can transform into infinite possibilities between the past and the future. Sylvie handbags have been created in 2016 with a new interpretation of classic ribbon elements. The combination of bow ribbons and cool chains, and the multiple back styles that can be carried or carried, have given the bag a variety of expressive features, become the love of fashion bloggers. A Soft Sylvie Handbag to awaken your retro-chic femininity.

Talk with your hands on your hips

The 90’s extremely popular Fanny Pack craze, once again returns to the fashion stage to become the concave modelling small expert. Gucci Fanny Pack set off fashion alternative style, from wear on the waist more back on the shoulders of the use of the Fanny Pack to create a super-strong aura. One bag or more bags? Not only good play wear and match brain cells, but also spell creative not burn brain single product. A fashionable avantgarde personality bag, people are willing to pay their own money.

Half my face

Big frames cover almost half of your face, and when sunglasses become the most eye-catching makeup on your face, you need another identity. GG logo on the mirror leg, small bee pattern, ornate details decoration, a perfect link between the real me and the charming fashion of me. The best weapon to create a star-class demeanor, wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses, is so simple. A personality sunglasses, accompany you every sunny day.

Show the manifesto

Dress is a fast way to express fashion, the slogan is the self-expression of the praise, text and art of the combination of fashion, revealing the era of personal style. Gucci uses taglines to show off your personality, from the romantic manifesto of“Blind for Love” to the evolution of“Future,” to show off your fashion attitude and label yourself as a fashionable personality, let Gucci do all the talking.

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