3 reasons to Love Gucci again

Even before the opening, the Gucci Ancora had captured the world’s attention… A flash of red with Ōhide’s logo has swept the landmarks of major cities around the world: Milan, Rome, Florence, Shanghai, Chengdu, London, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Paris…

My first series was a map. It was personal, about my design, my emotions, my passions,” Sabato said, i chose this deep red color because it is so ubiquitous in the Gucci world, “The first Jackie Bag was black, but The lining was red. I also went to The Savoy, where Mr. Gucci worked as a young man, and The elevator walls were covered in red.”

The name “Ancora” in Ōhide’s name means “Again” and is used to denote a state in which the desire is still present and not at rest. It’s like kissing and hugging and making out, and when we enjoy it, we always crave more because it makes us happy. “I love Gucci. I’m obsessed,” Sabato says. “I want people to fall in love with Gucci again. That’s why I used the word ‘ancora’ to describe my fashion show.” Not only did he print out the Italian word and frame it, hanging on the wall next to his desk, with the word tattooed on his left arm.

In addition to the brand-new design style, the first time to go to the front of the designer on the show quite a lot of thought. The catchy show music was created by Mark Ronson, who produced the Barbie soundtrack. Even more impressive is Sabato’s bold new model lineup. In his opinion, if you hire a model to walk the runway, the audience will only focus on the model, he is more willing to find new talent, because Gucci itself is“A microphone that can talk.”.

With a new collection by Sabato, Gucci’s eccentricity from the past season has disappeared in favor of a more everyday, chic wardrobe. In Sabato’s view, this is a re-creation of“Italianity”, “Gucci is a very Italian brand, very traditional. Italian craftsmanship, Italian taste — I think we lost that. I want it back,” said Ōhide, who opened with a charcoal-grey wool coat with simple cuts and colours, gucci has entered an era of silhouette. The double G belt, Marina Chain necklace and other eye-catching accessories in the hint that Gucci-style simplicity and gorgeous texture complement each other.

Patent leather mini skirt with platform high heels, frequent large v-neck, solid color tank top, shorts and strapless, large areas of lace lace, as well as crystal-studded short dress… … the confidence of a Gucci girl who dares to display her superior charm.Clean lines, oversized lapels on overcoats, unquestionably convey a sense of power. In the walk look, emitting a strong aura.Throughout this season’s color scheme, deep red directly echoes Ōhide’s theme, with bright green and pink interspersed to evoke a lively spring and summer atmosphere. Gucci presbyterian prints and leather embossing are elegant elements that Sabato has picked up from its long brand history.

The classic Jackie and Bamboo handbags are also making a comeback, with soft leather and decorative ribbons making them more everyday and versatile. Announcing a chic departure from the past Gucci, easy to come.

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