A love letter to Milan

In addition to the stunning show, Sabato has produced a special publication for Gucci Ancora called Gucci prospective. The publication will follow each Gucci collection, presenting a dialogue between art and fashion. “It’s another story about everything, but this time, it’s told with joy,” Sabato said. The first volume of“Gucci prospective” is a collection of milan-themed works by artists on literature, music, film, fashion and history.

From Lucio Fontana’s cut canvas, to Pietro Agostini, Riccardo Banfi, Mirko Albini and Nicola Giuducci’s photographs of Milan nightclubs, to the poetic critique of Sara Leghissa, Vincenzo Agnetti and Giulia Niccolai, different artists have created their own forms, the description of Milan as a city of beauty and desire has captured the alluring landscape of the city from the postwar period to the present day. Stefano Collicelli Cagol, Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci director and curator of the works selected with Sabato, explains the vision of volume 1 in the preface, “This is a love letter for Milan.”

At the same time, Gucci sponsored an exhibition of works by four young Milan artists. They are all graduates from the Milan Brera Academy of Fine Arts, but also Milan’s design industry fresh blood. Their work is not only included in Gucci prospective, but will also be open to the public in a time-limited art space on the Via Fiori Chiari 5.

You may be curious about Sabato by now. In fact, as early as his first ad after the post, the outside world has felt that the designer has been hidden behind the scenes is not simple. In August, fashion lovers cheered when Gucci released a Marina Chain jewelry franchise starring supermodel Daria Webowy. Daria, who was a hit on the catwalk in the 2000s, has since announced her retirement. This time she’s back for her old friend Sabato, who posted a rare 20-year-old photo of the two at IG.

For Sabato, joining Gucci was a dream come true. “Gucci was my first foray into fashion,” he says, “I’m a dreamer, but to be honest, I never dreamed of anything like this,” said Sabato, who grew up in the small village of Cicciano, near Naples in southern Italy, from an early age to show an unusual love of fashion. “I would dress up and go for a walk in the city and the clothes made me feel more confident. We would observe with our friends how people dressed on the street. Choosing what to wear defines who you are.”
He remembers taking the train to Rome, where the first luxury store he walked into was Gucci. He was struck by the line of people outside the store, “It’s like my nephew going to Disney,” he said, buying a crimson velvet coat by Tom Ford , he even sold the necklace his parents gave him. “That’s when I started to design clothes that would allow everyone to express their personality.”
Over the course of a century, Gucci has come of age as different designers, often with radically different charms. Let’s fall in love with this haute couture house again and again at some point in our lives. Finally, let’s end with Sabato’s show notes. His love of words, his belief in their unique power, may be the best way to understand Gucci:

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