$50,000 a bag? Louis Vuitton’s latest model, who is it?

When you find out! Stars from all over the world are using the same bag… and you know Louis Vuitton is up to something again! Others may not know, but how can this hide my eyes! Picture this bag, is not that year that Go-14! This bag, however, appeared on Louis Vuitton’s debut in 2014!

Did not expect a series of recent shows on the Louis Vuitton show, and see Ta! I looked it up! Oh, my God! This bag is the most expensive, one to sell 50,000 + ? ! And all the stars are reciting !? It’s like Louis Vuitton is determined to do something big this time!

It’s not! I got one right away! Let’s take a look at Louis Vuitton’s latest secret weapon! When I got the bag, my first feeling was that it looked more complicated than most other bags. I did a little research, and it turned out to be true! Get this bag, the first to see, is the bag on the tartan quilted design, real special special full! And shiny feeling is very good, looks very high-class feeling! Texture looks so good, in fact, because this bag of rhombus pattern, and the general is not quite the same ~

The rhombus pattern of this bag will be sewn to the leather surface with a very long thin leather strip! In this way on the skin and then add skin practice, so that the whole bag looks particularly layered. To achieve this effect, it takes more than 20 different processes. The reason for this bag’s rhombus pattern, will be such a shape. It was actually inspired by the Malletage pattern found in the lids of Louis Vuitton’s early travel hard drives. Drum shape, a kind of high-grade sense of exhalation, very noble at the same time, but also with a little chubby, pretty cute feeling. Let a person more and more like ~ to take photos are particularly photogenic! And the Go-14 is wrapped in very fine sheepskin. As soon as the light shines, will see the oil bright luster in the plump bag surface, really super luxurious!

Not only look at the texture of the super-good, the feel of the bag feel particularly attractive! The leather is as smooth as butter, feel every time you use the bag is a kind of enjoyment ~ at the same time, Go-14 metal parts with their own high-end halo! In particular, three-dimensional metal Twist Twist button, full shape and no loss of angular. Identification is very high at the same time, can also be very expensive for the package plus! What’s more, this lock button also has a hidden secret. Based on the Knob Lock Button, a magnetic design has been added. Every time you open and close a bag, there will be a click. The texture is especially good! Let a person every time when using this bag would like to sigh, no wonder Louis Vuitton top workmanship! ! See a chain bag expensive, chain is actually very important! The chain of this bag is really stylish. Is this kind of golden fish bone chain, thick feeling full, not thin at all. And Bling Bling, the back of the body is very shiny~

One of the cool things about this! Louis Vuitton also designed the GO-14 special packaging! From dust bags and cartons to shopping bags, all come with the same rhombus pattern as the bag. A complete set down the full sense of ritual, one look is a collection-level bag! The GO-14 currently comes in three sizes: GM, MM, and Pico. Girls of different heights and styles can all find the one that suits them best! Among them, I most recommend MM, the size of the back just right, elegant atmosphere does not lose the sense of power, especially the style ~ at the same time, this size also take into account the very high degree of practicality, can meet everyone’s daily needs! Although the Go-14 design is very elegant, it is not that difficult to drive. Weekdays can easily blend into a variety of different wear to go, quite strong plasticity! We usually go out on weekends, wearing a simple T-shirt, jeans, Go-14 is very good-looking. The entire look has both exquisite modelling feeling, also won’t feel too hard, fashionable casual ~

If you need a dress up, this bag can handle it! Whether it’s attending an important event or a dinner party, he can hold his own. We buy bags are very concerned about the capacity, I also as usual to help you test it! MM capacity is really good, in addition to the small things we usually need to go out, even a slightly larger notebook, small folding umbrella can be installed under no pressure! It is worth mentioning that, unlike the original GO-14, the new version also has a big upgrade: leather handle and chain can be free to remove, combination, back a lot! The bag is like a Transformers, you can change it every day… plus the fishbone chain itself is very soft and smooth… so you can also play with it and try to knit the two chains together, you’ll get chunky’s thicker chains! Rough metal chain and puffy bag form a strong visual contrast, a carry on the very avantgarde refined cool! Go-14 this return, but also brought a different color and design ~ simple, retro, stylish… The feeling can change a lot of different styles.

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