Dior bags and jewelry

According to the 2021’s website in September, duhot’s brand range includes bag series, small leather goods, high-end ready-to-wear, shoes series, fashion jewelry, accessories series, jewelry series, watch series, fragrance, make-up, skin care products, children’s clothing, home, etc. .

“Bag series”

The Lady D-LITE handbag is a beautifully embroidered interpretation of the classic Lady Dior handbag, reinterpreted by Maria Grazia Chiuri. This classic accessory launched a charming new color scheme, decorated with”Christian Dior” logo, highlighting the individuality of the avantgarde style and three-dimensional lines, highlighting the creative enthusiasm of Dior Workshop.

Lady D-JOY Dior unveils a new version of the Lady D-JOY Handbag, a reinterpretation of the classic horizontal LADY Dior that traces Duhot’s relationship with Princess Diana.

Saddle classic SADDLE handbags are re-interpreted into two styles, crafted with leather, Dior Oblique canvas or embroidery. The embroidered canvas wide shoulder straps sold separately can be worn in different ways to exude chic fashion.

Dior TOUJOURS this DIOR TOUJOURS handbag was created by Maria Grazia Chiuri and has become a new classic accessory with its ultra-stylish look. Decorated with a super-large rattan pattern, and exquisite elegance of the decorative surface, highlight the founder of the designer’s tradition. This extraordinary handbag is the irresistible charm of Dior.

Dior BOOK TOTE designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, this Dior Book Tote handbag is designed to reflect Duhot’s craftsmanship and casual elegance, and is available in a variety of patterns and colors, there are 4 sizes to choose from: Mini, small, medium and large.

“Jewelry collection”

La Rose Dior, the legend of beauty, flowers in full bloom. Christian Dior is obsessed with the lush foliage of his garden, victoire DE Castellane, artistic director of Dior’s senior jewellery division, has turned this natural gift into a gem: in Victoria’s Jewel Garden, from the ROSE branches of the Bois DE Rose series, to the beautiful flowers of Rose Dior Bagatelle and Rose Dior PR écatelan series, Mr Duhot’s beloved roses are blossoming, build a multi-faceted female style. Now, Rose Dior Couture series has arrived, with vibrant delicate buds, adding color to the gem garden.

Rose DES Ventsvictoire d e Castellane reinterprets Mr. Dior’s lucky star, the octave, in the shape of a wind ROSE. The Medallion, encircled by twisted ears of rice, swayed from side to side on the chain, turning one side of the hard stone, the other of the rose in the wind.

Gem Dior created by Victoire DE Castellane, the GEM Dior collection balances refinement with simplicity, creating a stunning surprise with an abstract design and a vivid silhouette. These fashionable and modern styles are inspired by the beauty of nature and the skillful integration of high-order technology. They can be worn in many ways to add elegance.

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