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Christian Dior, or Christian Dior, is a French consumer fashion brand owned by Moet hennessy-Louis Vuitton. Dior mainly engaged in men and women handbags, women’s wear, men’s and women’s shoes, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, children’s clothing and other high-end consumer goods. In 1948, Dior’s first collection, New Look, was launched with the corolla skirt as its main focus. In 1949, Christian Dior Perfume Company was founded; in 1949, the company launched the autumn and winter 1949-1950 clothing line, within eight days, the company has received more than 1,200 skirt orders; in 1951, the establishment of gloves stockings department; in 1991, “Dune” came out; “Dolcevita” came out in 1995.

The Christian Dior was born in Normandy in January 1905, studied at the Paris Institute of Political Science from 1920 to 1925, became a painter from 1928 to 1931, worked as a freelance designer from 1931 to 1937, and worked as a painter from 1920 to 1925 From 1937 to 1939 he was an assistant designer at Piguet, from 1941 to 1947 he was a designer at Lelongt, and in 1946 he opened his first personal clothing store on the Avenue Montaigne in Paris. In 1947, Dior launched his first collection.

“Brand identity”

“God”(Dieu) and“Gold”(or) combination, gold has also become the most common symbol of the Dior brand color. Dior’s luxury logo is designed in solid black. The logo is fluid and simple. The letter D is perfectly aligned with every detail of the design. Use the letter D well. The design of all luxury goods are demanding for details, Dior logo design D and O is a typical match, a semicircle and oval arc.

The Cannage is based on the back of a neo-louis 16th century chair, which was exhibited on 30avenue Montaigne. Cannage has been used since 1991 when the brand launched Porter’s range of dresses and jackets, and has been inspired by a variety of prints and textures. Dior uses the same inspiration in handbags, shoes, jewelry, watches, tabletop furnishings and fabrics.

Christian Dior obtained the exclusive rights to the leopard print from a Lyon silk company. The 1947 leopard-print chiffon“African Woman” dress was inspired by Christian Dior’s friend Mitza Bricard, who often wore a leopard-print chiffon band around her wrist to hide a scar. In 1955, Zizi Jeanmaire and Marlene Dietrich each bought Dior waterproof leopard-print taffeta raincoats.

Rose is a common element of Christian Dior series, from the representative of the classic Crimson Dior, to the delicate pink, this delicate rose to show the beauty of changing colors. Designed by Dior’s friend Sache, the rose quickly became the star of the brand’s floral print, which Christian Dior later personally embellished. In the fall of 1947, this rose became the most exquisite decoration on the collar. In 1950 it evolved into a delicate garland design.

In March 1946, Christian Dior designed a Venus Star inspired by the iron star of Saint-honor’s roadside to give to loyal employees, and the person who owned the planet had it with him at all times.

The bow is the most common design element used by Christian Dior. Bow design can be used to decorate low neckline dress or waist, and skirt design integration. Other colourful bows will complement the overall colour scheme, bringing out the delicate elegance of the bows, making the dress more eye-catching and helping to bring out or enhance the design effect. The design of the bow follows the style of the 18th century and becomes the symbol on the Dior gift box. The two ribbons are of the same length and in a graceful oval shape.

Convallaria majalis is Dior’s favorite flower, and he uses Convallaria Majalis’s twigs as a special decoration for each collection. Spring 1954 series of flowers everywhere, many dress design have blossomed out of gorgeous flower patterns. Inspired by the spring of 1957, Jean Cocteau and Madame Alec Weisweiller’s moving story, the dress was embroidered with delicate lilies. At Christian Dior’s funeral, his coffin was covered with fragrant lilies of the valley, a small flower he loved. In 1987, Christian Dior celebrated its 40th anniversary with a giant Lily of the valley.

After the First World War, women’s clothing boldly borrowed the styles of men’s clothing, as well as the material, in the late 1930s and after the Second World War, some men’s suit-specific fabrics can also be seen in elegant women’s clothing.

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