Yao Qi Ling Snake Can Ran Brilliant BVLGARI Bulgari Newly Releases Serpenti Series Brand Blockbuster

Pursuing an endless pursuit, Italian jewelry family BVLGARI draws inspiration from ancient myths and creates a timeless Serpenti series of jewelry with endless creativity and extraordinary craftsmanship. It innovatively introduces the spirit snake totem into the jewelry creation field, forging it into one of the most representative symbols of the brand. In the 75 years since the birth of the Serpenti series, Bulgari has adhered to the consistent spirit of breakthrough, injecting a continuous stream of creative inspiration into the series, interpreting the ever-changing and enduring charm of the spiritual snake, and composing a timeless legend.

The spirit snake has always been a classic image that cannot be ignored in the art world, revered as a talisman of vitality, wisdom, and protection. The vivid image of the spirit snake can also bring endless strength to the wearer. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Serpenti series, Bulgari has specially created a new brand blockbuster and invited global brand spokesperson Liu Yifei to fully demonstrate the timeless charm of the Serpenti series. In the camera, Liu Yifei shines with a sharp ponytail and a resolute expression, releasing the abundant energy to protect her true heart, exuding a confident and vigorous beauty in the light and shadow. The Serpenti series of high-end jewelry worn around the neck draws inspiration from the ancient civilization’s “tail holding snake” shape, injecting Italian aesthetics into Serpenti’s high-end jewelry series with creative ideas and exquisite craftsmanship. White 18K gold and 18K gold are cleverly interwoven, with snake heads and tails intertwined, adorned with diamond inlaid snake heads and grandmother emeralds to embellish the eyes. Under the gilded and colorful light and shadow, fully display the vigorous power of women.

In the late 1940s, Bulgari incorporated the ancient snake imagery from Rome, the birthplace of the brand, into jewelry design and evolved over the next few decades, injecting fresh vitality into the totem and making it one of the brand’s iconic elements. When the aesthetic creativity that spans time is intertwined with exquisite craftsmanship, the pure charm of the spirit snake harmoniously blends with modern style, fully showcasing the eternal beauty of the Serpenti series. In this blockbuster, the Serpenti series jewelry worn by Liu Yifei uses a groundbreaking technique called “Pallini”, with hundreds of delicate and dynamic gold beads adding a unique charm to the overall shape. The 18K rose gold snake body is flexible and flexible, seamlessly integrated with the diamond studded snake head and tail, conveying the courage of endless transformation and showcasing the timeless charm between Bulgari and the “Eternal City” of Rome.

With its unique and timeless design, the charming spirit snake continues to transform. The Bulgari Serpenti Viper jewelry collection adopts a simplified design language, presenting the graceful curves and flexible posture of a snake with concise and concise geometric lines and winding design. When the plasticity of precious gold material is cleverly combined with modern style, it can make the wearer comfortable to wear, emit a bold and fearless style, and demonstrate the outstanding power contained in aesthetic design.

The Serpenti series has been steadfastly accompanying women since its inception, conveying heart wrenching power and interpreting female charm with unique artistic aesthetics. In the new brand blockbuster, the global brand spokesperson of Bulgari, Liu Yifei, has always pursued her heart with a firm step. As she said, “The spirit snake is the most iconic element of Bulgari, and the Serpenti series jewelry always injects confidence and strength into the wearer.” Now, the Bulgari Serpenti series is undergoing a transformation and rebirth in the continuous exploration journey, not limited to existing achievements, constantly exploring new inspiration. Accompanied by Serpenti series, Liu Yifei bravely opens up a new world of her own and shines brightly.

Devoted to action and transforming gracefully, the Bulgari Serpenti series inherits the brand’s consistent breakthrough spirit, accompanying women with enthusiasm to unleash their true charm and inspire new energy. Taking the 75th anniversary as a new starting point, we will continue to inject ingenuity into the Serpenti series, interpreting the rich connotations of ancient totem symbols as the resilient and fearless female power. Together, we will paint the ultimate and beautiful miracle poetry, and work together to open up a miraculous world that nurtures infinite possibilities.

BVLGARI, a subsidiary of LVMH Group, was born in 1884 in the center of Rome. For decades, the brand has become a renowned Italian jewelry family and a model of Italian lifestyle art, thanks to its exquisite craftsmanship, creative design, and bold color aesthetics. Since its establishment, Bulgari has always adhered to the pioneering spirit rooted in the brand gene, established an extensive retail and hotel network in global shopping areas, and built a whole diversified product service line from jewelry, watches, accessories, perfume to boutiques and hotels, which has become famous in the international market. At the same time, Bulgari has partnered with numerous partners to continuously promote the long-term development of charity. The brand firmly believes that only by innovating the present, practicing corporate social responsibility and environmental responsibility, and giving back to nature and society, can sustainable development towards the future be achieved.

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