300000 overnight! The Bulgari incident shocked the internet

In the magnificent overture of New Year’s Eve, many people choose to stay at home and enjoy tranquility, while others set foot on the city’s landmarks and immerse themselves in revelry. Surprisingly, someone decided to spend 300000 yuan to experience a wonderful journey in a luxurious hotel overnight. Although this price seems reasonable against the backdrop of rising holiday hotel prices, the sky high price of 300000 yuan per night still shocked many people.


This eye-catching news initially originated from Weibo hot searches, sparking a wave of discussion about the Bulgari Hotel. This hotel has previously gained a great reputation due to high spending receipts exposed by customers.


In addition to this sky high priced room type, there are also rooms worth 130000 and tens of thousands, even the lowest priced ones are astonishing. Not to mention, the deposit before check-in alone can reach up to 4000 yuan, which is enough to support multiple ordinary hotel accommodation experiences.


Faced with such high prices, people can’t help but wonder: what unique experience can staying in such a hotel bring? Is there really someone willing to be the “scapegoat” of this consumption behavior? In fact, according to a report from the Daily Economic News, this 30 million yuan night room type was sold out two days ago, which is thought-provoking. It is indeed difficult to understand the world of the wealthy.

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