Chanel 19 bag large diamond grille cover bag

The number 19 represents the year when the Xiaoxiang 19 handbag was born, which is 2019. The naming convention is similar to the 2.55 handbag created by Ms. Chanel in February 1955.

In addition, Ms. Chanel’s birthday is on August 19th, which also gives another meaning to the CHANEL 19 handbag.

This bag has been around for two or three years since its debut in 2019, and I believe everyone is familiar with it now. Let’s not go into too much detail.

Small size: 16 x 26 x 9 cm

Large size: 20 x 30 x 10 cm (commonly referred to as medium size)

MAXI (oversized): 25 x 36 x 11 cm (commonly referred to as oversized, larger, choose carefully)

Small size is suitable for most girls, regardless of height. Despite being called a small size, it still has a huge capacity, making it easy to handle daily travel.

Classic black gold buckle

Italian lambskin, pure water dyeing process, clear pores with transparent bottom light, baby like soft texture, full and fleshy!

Pure copper vacuum electroplated with 24k gold plating, the style lies in the appearance of aging and fading.

The hexagonal plum blossom screws on the dual C film are polished neatly on the screw surface, and the small notches on the hardware column are designed in detail. Take a look and see if your 19 handbag also has this detail.

Chanel likes to try different leather styles on a bag, including crystal sheepskin, matte sheepskin, and coarse grain sheepskin, all of which have been used in 19 bags. The 19 sheepskins received in this batch have a very good luster, and the leather surface also presents a natural fine grain texture, which can be said to be both soft and glossy.

The 19 bag model is perfectly matched with the thick chain, and the three color combination of sand gold, ancient silver, and bright silver creates the classic 19 bag.

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