Chanel Com è te: A Spring Blossoming Ode to Wonderland

In the constellation of perfume, each fragrance tells a story as broad and diverse as the stars in the night sky. Chanel has launched a new jewelry – Com è te. This perfume is a shining complement to Les Exclusifs boutique series, whose inspiration comes from heaven, especially Chanel’s “Bijoux de Diamants” series in 1932. Coco Chanel injects a minimalist and fresh atmosphere into these works with her visionary design, a characteristic that Com è te brings elegance and elegance into the fragrance field.

The Com è te necklace and pendant were famous bestsellers at the time, surpassing the times and becoming symbols of Chanel’s enduring charm and innovation. Comet pattern is a recurring theme in Chanel jewelry and accessories. Now in its perfume series, it reflects the brand’s commitment to beauty, luxury and unexpected.

Chanel’s internal perfumer Olivier Polge incorporated this theme into Com è te, drawing on the charm of the “Com è te” necklace, the elegance of actress Norma Shearer, and the fantastical imagery of stardust and Mediterranean springs blooming.

The first time I saw Com è te, at dawn, after a refreshing rain, I was taken to a spring garden. This perfume, in the style of calm, lightness and watercolor painting, marks a departure from Chanel’s traditional aesthetic, and combines the natural freshness of Les Jardins with the simplicity and sweetness of Herm è s Hermessence. This fragrance does not touch the stars, but invites them to stay grounded and enter a vibrant garden.

Com è te is a celebration of spring awakening, capturing the moment when fruit trees bloom with a silver aldehyde fragrance. The sweet and sour cherry, delicate Chinese plums, and blooming apricots create a warm floral aroma with a bitter fruity aroma. The addition of mustard with a vanilla aroma adds an exquisite touch, suggesting an egg custard with almonds and spicy cloves, but without turning to the retro realm.

As the fragrance unfolds, the fresh blooming iris occupies the central stage, surrounded by violets, freesia, and lilies of the valley. Through the mirror, the rich floral aroma is eventually replaced by the sweetness of caramel, blending with the soft musk to create a long-lasting aroma. The ending reminds people of old-fashioned body care cosmetics, bringing a comfortable and subtle aftertaste that lingers on the skin for a long time.

Com è te is both a tribute to tradition and a bold step towards the future. Its composition is optimistic and nostalgic, more like a haiku than a poem, reflecting the aesthetic of Far Eastern minimalism.
This is a perfume suitable for morning and afternoon use, which is very suitable for matching with white shirts or light suits. Exquisite, pure, peaceful, and romantic, Com è te is designed for those with youthful spirit, regardless of age.

Interestingly, “com è te” is also translated as “kite” in many languages, which is very appropriate to the image of this perfume. It reminds people of a colorful kite soaring in the morning sky on the blooming garden ocean, symbolizing freedom, joy, and the beauty of the natural world.

The lineage of Com è te can be traced back to Hermessence Iris Ukiyo é of Herm è s and Insence of Guerlain, continuing the tradition of Coco Chanel depicting constellations for women, including stars of all sizes.

Chanel in Com è te meticulously composed a heaven ode to spring blooming. This perfume captures the essence of the garden’s awakening in the kiss of the earth. This fragrance invites us to look up at the sky, dream of constellations, and search for stars reflected in the colorful world around us. Chanel’s celebrity story continues, along with Com è te!

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