Section 3 Sade

Finally, a lot of people can not buy recently Sade cylinder bag.

It is so popular now, mainly because the price of less than 1W, so that we think it is really a big brand package in cost-effective super choice.

In addition to the price advantage, Sade’s utility in the same price package is also a leader.

It’s in the Saint Laurent mini bag range, but it’s easy to carry your phone. The drum drum with the rhombus body, carried in the playful and elegant balance just right.

Because its shoulder straps are the right length to carry as an armpit bag, the upper body doesn’t look cramped at all.

The body and a small Cassandre Logo embellishment, not particularly ostentatious, it is quite delicate.

And that’s Yves Saint Laurent’s latest hit bags! However, if you want to buy a less error-prone evergreen bag, daily can often back enough practical, it can still look at Niki! Flip chain bag is a lot of girls heart the best use of bag type, Niki size set is perfect, very easy to install, good back.

Soft package body material is also a big plus, with a sense of retro, but also particularly durable.

And the most iconic YSL Cassandre Logo and body is the same color design, low-key and cool to memorize.

But Niki’s been around for years, and she’s got more users! If you’re looking for a classic all-around black, but also something special, Try Saint Laurent’s latest gold chain Niki!

Bronze metal chain to join the cool on the basis of more gorgeous breath, after the upper body more bright.

Well, Saint Laurent’s most notable purse so far, that’s it for today! Which bag do you like best today?

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