Section 2 Icare

Let’s talk about the ICARE ~ this bag is really hot these days! As a super bag, the aura is super strong! A lot of fashionable girls were attracted at once.

Especially the YSL Cassandre Logo on the bag, enlarged to become more eye-catching!

Such a metallic design, so that Yves Saint Laurent bags unique sense of handsome more enhanced.

Sheepskin material of the body, feel very good, silky and do not lose the high-grade feeling.

At the same time, with the addition of the rhombus pattern, ICARE looks plump and three-dimensional, so a big bag will not become soft, still stylish!

With its black and gold color scheme and classic filters, Icare is a perfect example of Saint Laurent’s natural coolness and modernity.

Super Bag Body, really as long as the back on the gas field full open, a look at this girl is super personality!

In particular, ICARE has another face!

There are metal chains on both sides of the bag.

Once connected, it becomes a Hobo bag.

The rounded edge of the handle and bag, carried just below the armpit.

After the package shrinks back up also low-key a little, more suitable for daily life, but still cool!

As an oversized bag, the space capacity of Icare is unquestionable.

Feel no matter what items can be put in!

Going out with a statement piece that is both practical and stylish is a rare and useful piece.

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