Yves Saint Laurent has exploded three bags in a row! Which one do you like better?

For the last two years, Saint Laurent’s bags have been real red! Niki and Manhattan needless to say, not only in the major social platforms are very popular, Bao Wang list is also on the list many times, very out of the circle!

Recently, Saint Laurent has launched several bags in succession, which are very popular! Le 57, Icare and Sade are the most popular among them! 3 bag style, price, size are quite different, I do not know which you love the most?

May have the bag powder, the 3 new bag is not so familiar, let’s talk about one by one! Don’t forget to let me know which one you like best in the comments section

Le 57

If you ask me, my personal favorite right now is the LE 57! It’s not the familiar Le 5a 7! It’s a brand-new flip-top armpit bag, named after Mr.

Yves Saint Laurent, who opened the first Yves Saint Laurent boutique on 57th Street in 1968.

To be honest, this bag really has the feeling of a city girl.

Independent, handsome with exquisite and smart, very chic! Just got it, my first intuitive feeling is that the texture of this bag is really good! The material of lambskin collocates Puffer of drum wrap body, feel special good, soft glutinous to not go!

At the same time, the full rhombus body in the light also exudes an attractive luster, very high-class! Of course, the beauty of this bag is not only due to its good texture.

Trapezoidal body and super-recognizable Golden Cassandre Logo, full of Saint Laurent always cool girl feeling!However, it has some rounded edges.

Plus the enlarged rhombus design, not only for the bag to add more detail, and more delicate visual feminine.

This sweet and salty style, in fact, is very suitable for urban girls living habits, with different styles of clothing, combat different occasions!

It is worth mentioning that this bag is made of lambskin, so the self-weight is also quite light!

The soft pillow bag is also very popular now.

Not only do not pick the season, the upper body at the same time revealed a casual temperament, a good modern girl both visual sense, feel fashionable effortless!

The bag lands right under the armpit. The point is, Puffer bags are usually big, but the LE 57 is just the right size.

In fact, the real thing does not look big in the photo, a small one, to the petite size of the girl is very friendly! It has a flat body design.

One shoulder back in the armpit, the arm can fit the body well, feeling very comfortable.

Adjustable shoulder straps can also be adjusted according to different habits or body shapes.

To be honest, as an armpit bag, Le 57 is actually quite different from other armpit bags on the market. Most armpit bags are zipped open and closed, but this bag is a lot of girls love the flip bag design ~

with magnetic button opening and closing, easy to use and very secure.

When you close the flap, you can see the exact match with the rhombus pattern on the bag.

Not only exudes a sense of high-class integration, but also well reflects Yves Saint Laurent’s superb skills as a high-end fashion brand.

It is worth mentioning that the LE 57 is also a suitable size for daily use ~

like girls to take the daily mobile phone, powder lipstick, keys can be installed.

There is also a sticker bag on the back of the bag.Go out to date shopping, you can just put some handy mobile phones, cards in this sticker bag, very convenient!

Overall, the LE 57 is a well-balanced package, from look to practicality. And now the package price on the times, it is less than 2W price is also quite good!

There is now a white alternative to black.

The classic black and gold match color is especially attractive, I will recommend to the usual style cool girl.

With the old Gold Cassandre Logo, there is a kind of smart and handsome complement each other.

The white one is a bit fresher and gentler. However, the white one is slightly warmer and not very white.

It still feels like you can see Saint Laurent’s unique personality and attitude!

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