I want to buy a big bag! What is good to buy? Take a look at Saint Laurent’s Big Four!!!

really Big bags are really hot this year!!!

Many girls who used to only love small bags have become so popular that their pictures have become so popular. Now, they are also starting to study which big bag is the best!

I often receive messages asking: “What is good to buy for a big bag now?”

Let me tell you, everyone can really take a look at Saint Laurent’s big bags!

Each one is very popular, there are various styles and styles available!

And Saint Laurent is very advanced in the field of big bags! Many big bag trends are led by them!

Among them, four are particularly outstanding!

I might as well just call them Saint Laurent’s Big Four~

“Outmost Circle”

When it comes to Saint Laurent’s big bag, the first one must talk about Icare, it’s so popular that it’s out of the loop!

The spacious diamond patterned body paired with the giant Cassandre logo looks both modern and stylish, with a very distinctive style.

No wonder many fashionable and tasteful girls love this bag so much that they often carry it on their backs when going out. At first, I thought to myself, can girls accept such a big bag?

I didn’t expect it to not only be popular, but also have such strong endurance!

Even so powerful that it has to some extent driven the development of the entire bag industry and made Saint Laurent’s bags very popular.

The key is not only the iconic black and gold color scheme of Saint Laurent that looks good, but also the recently released beige suede style by Icare, which has a high aesthetic value!!!

The soft body tone of the bag looks much gentler and full of luxury!

The oversized golden Cassandre logo is embellished on the body of the bag, changing the cool feeling of black gold and giving it a more restrained and luxurious temperament.

Especially paired with suede material, the overall feeling is matte, visually soft and comfortable, with a very advanced texture!

Overall, it doesn’t seem as domineering or flamboyant, but it adds a touch of luxury.

Paired with Icare’s oversized body, it still exudes a sense of confidence and confidence when carried!

If you want to keep a lower profile on your back, this Icare can also be transformed~

Folding both sides of the bag transforms it from an oversized bag to the shape of a Hobo bag!

With the blessing of suede leather, the upper body still has a literary temperament~

Of course! As an Icare, the practicality of this bag is also evident to everyone.

The oversized body feels like it can hold everything!

And it also comes with a small Pouch inside, which can hold relatively scattered or valuable items, making it particularly convenient in a large bag~

“Ultra avant-garde”

When it comes to Saint Laurent’s big bag, how could it be missing Jamie 4.3?

It is neither the common square tote nor the popular hobo.

Surprisingly, it’s a super large chain flip bag!

Exaggerated to the point where it seems like P is too big, the design completely breaks the traditional look of a big bag!

I feel like if I see a girl carrying her back on the street, I think she must be very passionate about fashion, and super fashionable with personality~

But if you ask me, is there a more fashionable bag choice than it?

Hey, there really is! It’s the brand new patent leather Jamie 4.3!

Compared to the sheepskin version, the patent leather version has a more rigid bag shape~

The luster of the bag body is also stronger, looking like a bag from the future, very avant-garde.

I feel like as long as I carry it, it’s the focus of walking!

Set off the overall coolness of the person, there is also a bold and unrestrained personality that is high-profile, bold, and unafraid of any gaze~

However, don’t think Jamie 4.3 will be too flashy or exaggerated. In fact, it looks great when carried on the upper body!

Especially when it comes to double chain single shoulder backpacks, the oversized body will make the whole person look particularly fashionable, high-end, and tall!

“A versatile player”

The next thing to talk about is the Le 37 Bucket, which has gained some popularity since its launch.

It has a sturdy bucket bag shape, which looks like a practical big bag that girls can carry and hold in their hearts!

Although there are many designs for bucket bags in the bag industry, this one gives a very different feeling, with a unique style of Saint Laurent!

The body of the bag is also made of shiny leather, which is particularly loved by Chinese girls. In the category of bucket bags, the texture looks particularly good, revealing a full retro and modern tone!

Especially when the buckle is closed, the bag has a slight concave curve, and as you walk, you can see that the bag emits a delicate luster.

The style is cool and stylish, making the owner of the bag appear particularly casual and have an attitude!

Of course, there are also many girls who do not have such a high demand for the capacity of their bags and hope to have enough for daily use~

Just right! The Le 37 Bucket has recently launched a perfect small size!

I found that after shrinking the bucket bag a bit, it seems to have added a playful and cute atmosphere~

Like a small basket, the golden logo is embellished on the bag, making it more presentable!

However, even though it’s a small size, it’s actually not that kind of mini bag at all!

For most Asian girls, the upper body size is really just right~

Especially because it’s still a bucket bag, the capacity is really huge! Not to mention a large phone, small bottles of mineral water and umbrellas can be easily stored.

In addition, it also has various carrying methods such as hand carrying, one shoulder, crossbody, etc., making it the type of bag that girls love to carry every day~

Moreover, with such a simple design, it feels that this bag is not easily outdated, and the utilization rate should be very high after purchase, making it easy to carry for a long time.

“Super trustworthy”

The last one to talk about is the Le 5 Hi 7 Soft Hobo, which many girls have purchased.

This bag is so popular!

At a price of over 10000 yuan, you can buy a Hobo bag that is both practical and fashionable online. It really feels worth it!

If you want to upgrade the capacity further, Soft Hobo has recently released a new large size.

It’s big enough to fit A4 paper and a 13 inch MacBook!

But with such a large full leather bag, its weight is unexpectedly light. It feels not only concave in shape, but also quite suitable for commuting.

It can be said that it is a relatively low-key style in the Saint Laurent bag.

But the soft leather still retains the carefree and carefree spirit of Soft Hobo. It is not too flashy when carried, but it is still very fashionable, user-friendly, and tasteful~

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