“Evidence of laziness.”

Whether or not Demna Gvasalia is“Slacking off” has also become a topic of discussion.The reason for this Fall’s 24 shows is a pair of“10XL” sneakers, which look like Balenciaga’s now-famous 3XL sneakers and Defender sneakers, cargo sneakers, new to the summer 24 show.After people thought that Balenciaga might make Cargo sneakers hot for a while, and then launched a new line of super-sized shoes, two months later, Balenciaga is“Riding on the success”, direct brand dad sneakers into“Wider and bigger”, making it look like a boat. For this kind of“Lazy” behavior, netizens think Balenciaga is too“Poor”, in order to cut the market“Leek”, will be three brands of popular shoes in accordance with a certain proportion of the splicing, and then sold to consumers at a price of 11,000 yuan, mercilessly made this wave of money.

In addition to the 10XL sneakers, other items criticized by netizens were hoodies, sunglasses, suits and other items at the show. From the outside, they looked exactly the same as those presented at the previous Balenciaga Show, in other words, it’s a big Copy show for Demna Gvasalia, which can be“Casually” altered to create a new collection for the show and then put on the market.

You’ve been reading about Demna Gvasalia’s Jiang Yan online for the last two years, so it seems like Balenciaga has become synonymous with “Juggling.”. To use a derogatory term, you could say it has become synonymous with“Hype”, creating buzz on social media and increasing brand awareness, but in the end it was just a“Change of scenery” that made Demna Gvasalia the“Best spokesperson” for being lazy.

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