Question Balenciaga, understand Balenciaga, become a Balenciaga

Balenciaga is mentioned by many people if there is a brand in the fashion industry that can“Clean up” the most. Balenciaga’s latest development was the release of the brand’s fall 24 collection two days ago in Los Angeles, creative director Demna Gvasalia’s favorite city, and it’s worth noting that this is Balenciaga’s first show in Los Angeles, and it’s a short time, this series of releases has become the hottest topic of discussion among netizens.

Hollywood’s Vanity Fair
Ōhide has been playing since the invitation, the last two years have been the summer 24 men’s suit jacket tailor’s guide, the spring 24 keys, the winter 23 suit jacket pattern, the summer 23 plants and an old purse of a French woman named Natalia, it’s safe to say that invitations have become a staple of every Ōhide show.The invitation to fall 24 is for a “Chocolate bar”, but it is no ordinary chocolate bar bar. On the front it says Balenciaga Fall 24, venue and time, and behind it is a list of information about the history of the Balenciaga brand, balenciaga, for example, founded a Spanish Donostia/San Sebastián in 1917, opened a Parisian fashion house in 1937 and 2021 brought couture back into the fold. Even at the time of the announcement, Balenciaga officially included a graphic that changed the iconic Hollywood logo into a brand name.

Unlike the summer 23 theater, which is“Wrapped” in red velvet, this fall 24 show is on a street lined with palm trees.

Creative Director Demna Gvasalia showed the world a range of Hollywood outfits filled with“Bad taste”. At first, the mannequins in yoga suits, “Juicy Couture” velvet tracksuits, and“UGG” boots carried water glasses, paper bags, and high-capacity fishing nets, paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities in their private lives in the“Take” on the show.The two-person model shows a dress paired with a simple T-shirt, suit and other items, portraying the everyday life of a stylish couple like Justin Bieber and his wife.

By the end of the collection, it was as if the stars were glittering on the red carpet, and you could even see the names of Michelle Yeoh, Isabelle Huppert, and others written all over them. The entire show was a true portrayal of Hollywood’s Vanity Fair, with Demna Gvasalia presenting their everyday and public appearances in her own fashion show.

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