Can Gucci make people fall in love with fashion again?

In recent years, there has been a popular saying in the fashion industry that if it were the current fashion industry, one might not want to enter.


Fashion seems to have lost its charm, even for practitioners. The industry crisis was always ignored until the macro market cooled down, and fundamental problems emerged one after another.


On the one hand, the weakness of luxury creative power, and on the other hand, luxury consumption has become a game of comparison, with brands ignoring the emotional value supply of consumers. Simply put, high-end fashion cannot make people happy anymore.


The newly appointed creative director of Gucci, Sabato De Sarno, proposed a key concept called “Ancora” in his debut series, the 2024 Spring/Summer series.


Ancora in Italian means “again, still, more”. According to the brand’s official statement, this is a vision of “falling in love with fashion again”, just like the continuous pursuit of love, conveying a promise to regain the charm of fashion. Sensibility, as a beautiful, free, and confident attitude, has become the main theme of this series, inviting everyone to embrace unique emotions inspired by fashion and praising diverse humanistic expressions.


It must be admitted that in my debut in September last year, I did not quickly understand Gucci Ancora’s intentions. Compared to the strong signals that brand innovation often carries, the meaning of Gucci Ancora can be said to be very abstract. More people understand Gucci’s new chapter from the perspective of fashion style changes, summarizing this change as a transition from extreme complexity to minimalist classics.


But as Gucci repeatedly emphasized Ancora in various media, a wave of curiosity couldn’t help but rise, and people unconsciously pondered what exactly Ancora was and what the new creative director wanted to tell everyone? When a brand needs to rediscover its audience, the most important thing is to arouse their curiosity before they are pleasantly surprised.


Accompanied by Sabato De Sarno’s first official trip to China, Gucci Ancora arrived in China this Monday evening.

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